Reconnect with your inner power! Awaken your flow of life!

60 minute massage fully devoted to your belly and waking your inner power.

Hara Healing






Interest in spirit, truth, and exploration of my inner and outer world has been alive in me ever since I can remember. Finishing university with a psychology degree only allowed me to peek through few foggy windows but never really gave me the life experience I came to taste in this human body. As soon as I finished university I pledged in self search and opened the door to my inner voice. From big city life to rural village meditations, today I sit in this body aware of my heart and the voice of my essence, and embrace the enormous light that I am.

I am grateful to all who guide, support and inspire me on this journey of healing and self discovery and I am honored to have the opportunity to impart my knowledge of and passion for  massage, meditation and breath-work with others. My intention is to purify the mind, emotions, body and spirit. A process of self–purification that creates space for the divine light that is within us all to shine more brightly. It is this light that guides us, teaches us to love and serve others, and helps us to live our true life’s purpose.